Kim Nilsson - Bookkeeper, MIAB, AIAAP.
Kim Nilsson - Bookkeeper, MIAB, AIAAP.


Why Bookkeeping and Accounting for Business?

Bookkeeping business services is an essential process of every micro, small medium & large size business.

It keeps track of business finances, including transactions on a daily basis.

Business financial analysis, based on business records is the key tool in the success of every business.

Do you need answers to important questions like these?

Is your business making money, or losing it?

Is your business on sound financial ground, or are troubles lurking ahead?

Are expenditures increasing faster than sales?

Which expenses are too high based on the level of sales?

Is there any expenditure which appears to be out of control?

Why choose me?

  1. I understand that every business has individual needs, which is why I am happy to produce a tailor made plan to suit your business.

  2. All work undertaken and fees charged will be agreed in writing before commencement of the work involved. So you know exactly what service you will receive and how much it will cost.

  3. I comply with IAB Code of Practice, Hold Professional Indemnity Insurance and Comply with Anti Money Laundering Regulations.


  4. I am approved by International Association of Bookkeepers Certified practice under compliance certificate number 1569.

  5. I am a member of the International Association of Accounting Professionals.

The IAB provide a list of authorised members in practice the list can be found at




Wiltshire and surrounding areas.

Making an appointment

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment please contact me:


Tel: +44 7821/280296



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